About Us

SNAKU E-Liquids

SNAKU Eliquid was developed through extensive testing in order to produce a unique taste with that highest quality.
The concept of SNAKU Eliquid flavors was developed and derived from popular flavored drinks and snacks from Japan.
Our extracts are custom made by a Japanese Mixologist which determines our unique flavors.
Our custom extracts are only produced for SNAKU Eliquid which makes it impossible to duplicate.

Package Concept

The characteristic of Japanese art has been valued in the latest trends of fashion industry, and designing with the Japanese authentic character, KATAKANA alphabet, is becoming more popular as one the Japanese culture.
The luxury apparel brands such as Carven and Coach gathered public attention after releasing their collections with the [KATAKANA] design as well as the sports brands such as Nike and Adidas, and the street brands such as Stussy and New Era. The [KATAKANA] design has been used in many fashion genre.

We often see Japanese and American collaborated works not only in the fashion industry but also in the film industry. SNAKU E-liquid successfully adjusted the image of the integration of Japanese and American by using [KATAKANA] design onto our vape products

Manufacture & History

SNAKU Eliquids was established in August of 2016.
SNAKU E-liquid is produced in Orange County, California in a clean room IS04 Environment.
Strict quality control is in place in order to provide the highest quality eliquid in the present market.
Our liquid currently is being distributed worldwide.